Thank you all so much for all of the support during our opening month!  We are settling in and ready to start the process of making some updates.

Coming soon will be announced our first dates of evening service as well as an upcoming online ordering system and an online merch shop!

We are so proud of our new location in Chinatown LA and so grateful for the love we have received from the entire community. The dedication & time invested by old friends and new, including our Howlin’ fam has been overwhelmingly powerful & a huge part of the success of our opening.  We cannot thank you enough for your support & patience throughout this entire process.

Ultimately, our main concern is quality and consistency of our service and our product, this is why our hours are limited for now.  We want to make sure our guests and our staff are having the best experience we can possibly provide and we want to to grow as naturally as possible.  We hope to continue to grow and can’t wait to see what the future holds.  One thing we can guarantee 100% is that we will provide every person who walks through our door with the absolute best Nashville Hot Chicken & southern hospitality this side of the Mississippi!

Much Love,

-The Howlin’ Crew