Cool H.R.H.C. review on!

What a wonderful evening standing at a truck!

The announcement on said that the truck would be a couple miles from home from 5PM to 11PM. I got there at 4:30PM and had the pleasure of talking to Chris, who was setting up the truck. Chris hasn’t been to Tennessee but he was happy to hear about my trip to Prince’s Hot Chicken. I told him that I wasn’t sure whether to get one medium and one hot and he suggested that I taste the different sauces which the chicken is dipped in after frying. Chris gave me a small sample of each. The chicken wasn’t there yet as it was on the way from the commissary.

The medium sauce was delicious. Odd tasting it by itself because the liquid part of it is oil. Had a real good burn to it. Then I tasted the hot sauce. Very hot and I decided that I wanted to enjoy the chicken so I was going to order 2 orders of the medium… one dark (my favorite) and one white… just to try.

When the owner, Chef Johnny Zone drove up with the chicken and salads Chris told him all about me. Johnny is so cool! We shook hands several times, he made sure he knew my name and we talked all about chicken, Tennessee and Venice, California.

He let me know that I could eat my chicken next door at The Brig (a bar) and I didn’t even have to purchase a drink. The truck was parked in the Brig’s parking lot. I told him I would like it to go. I didn’t want strangers seeing my delight when eating. I have driven by The Brig ever since I’ve been able to drive which is almost 50 years. Yikes! It always looked so cool with that boxer on the sign but I’ve never gone in or even parked in the area.

I placed my order and added 2 more sides so I could taste all four. I also bought a couple drinks.

When standing there talking I noticed a write up on Chef Johnny. I was talking to someone who worked under Gordon Ramsey, Nobu Matsuhisa and Thomas Keller. (Is it bad that I don’t know of Thomas Keller?)

When it was time for Johnny (We are on first name basis after all) to give me my order he told me he was giving me the extra sides and drinks. How nice! He also gave me a bunch of his hot chicken stickers! One or two will go on my kayak. OH! He also gave me some of his home made pickle slices. Very good! I was expecting sweet pickles but his dills didn’t disappoint.

I’m telling you, he’s so easy to talk to, nice and….

He serves my favorite fried chicken! Nashville Hot!


Tonight’s dinner was the dark quarter and it was Oh My Gawd Good! I’ve never had juicier chicken, not even at Prince’s. The medium sauce calmed down a bit on the chicken and I think next time, and there will be a next time I’ll order the Hot. The Hot sauce has a different blend of chile powder in it.

Tonight I ate the grilled cabbage cole slaw and the pimento macaroni salad. Both excellent! I’d like the cole slaw without the mustard seeds, but that’s just because I don’t care for mustard seeds. The cabbage was grilled and there was slivered apple pieces in the slaw that added a sweetness.

The pimento macaroni salad was heavenly! I love macaroni salad and this is way up there with the best of them.

Tomorrow night I’ll have the white quarter with the other two salads. Can’t wait!

Johnny, thank you so much for being clever (and cool) and starting a truck with something not offered at Los Angeles restaurants.

I ate truck food and loved it!